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Senior Living Solutions

At Stellar Senior Living we offer a variety of Senior Living Solutions, including independent living, assisted living and memory care. Learn more about these options below.

3 Senior Living Solutions We Offer

Independent Living

Independent Living by Stellar Senior Living

Independent living is one of the senior living solutions offered at most of Stellar’s communities. This is a chance for seniors to upgrade their lives by handing off the responsibility of daily chores like cooking and cleaning, while gaining opportunities to pursue activities which add joy to their lives. Senior citizen housing provides services such as meals, transportation, laundry services, apartment maintenance; as well as recreational and social activities.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living by Stellar Senior Living

Another senior living solution we offer is assisted living. These residents have all of the benefits of Independent living residents, but they also get assistance with daily activities and basic care support in a homelike setting. Trained caregivers provide personalized assistance with medication management, bathing, and dressing 24-hours a day. Staff can also coordinate services with outside healthcare providers and monitor residents to ensure their health.

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Memory Care

Memory Care by Stellar Senior Living

Memory Care Neighborhoods are specially designed living spaces and environments for those living with cognitive challenges brought on by Alzheimer’s and dementia. These neighborhoods include carefully designed activities to help reduce problematic patterns for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia and are completely secure to keep them safe.

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